About the Bounce for Joy Project

Bounce For Joy Project (BFJP) was founded in March of 2012, and launch our program July 2013 to provide a positive outlet for young children (ages 4 -18) to relieve stress, anxiety and to teach anger management. The BFJP was created by Ronda Howard and Dakeda Horton PH.D  former employed from the Cook Country Juvenile Detention Center, as a preventive tool to address what she saw as the root issue leading to incarceration, anger management.   

Our program is an adult-supervised mentors in Art, Fitness, Stem and Steam  activities mobile program. BFJP concept is delivered on-site in schools, summer camps, churches and community centers, which we provide 6 or 8 weeks three component program. The program includes mentoring art, fitness internship, and college prep for ages 16-18 that challenge youth.

The project is specifically designed to mentor each age group life lessons and how to relieve stress, control anger and develop social skills, in an amusement atmosphere.  We believe that our model of identifying at risk participants at the early stages in life will enable us to create positive behaviors in teens as they prepare to move in to adulthood.