Our work in the Community

Chicago is on pace to experience the most violent year in over 20 years. It is not only the violence but the environment that fosters it that deeply impacts the children in the hardest hit neighborhoods. 

Our programs ensure the youth in our community are able to cope with the stress of growing up in low-income neighborhoods so they do not become part of the problem. 

BFJP mentor and arts programs educate youth on how to relieve stress and anger.  We raise awareness of solutions on early intervention in stress relief, anxiety and anger management. Our curriculum outline;

1) Emotional Awareness

2) Self Image/Self Esteem

3) Pro-Social/Interpersonal Skills 4) Bullying

5) Risk Reduction

6) Anger Management

6) Stress/ Anxiety.

7) Know Your Rights

8) Basic Life Skills on Parenting

It is only with the support of so many wonderful people around Chicago the children in our communities have the chance to thrive. We are always striving to expand our programs to work with every child in Chicago who needs it. If you believe, like we do, all children deserve an opportunity to thrive, consider making a donation today.